Air Repair & Avionics


Finding the right solution may not be as easy as simply picking one out of a magazine advertisement.  Every aircraft is different, every panel unique.  What may be a good solution for your friend’s aircraft may not be the best solution for yours or your personal flying habits and budget.

Our avionics A&P, Eric Lacko, has over 25 years’ experience, and is familiar will with all aspects of GA instrumentation.  Look to him as your personal resource for any and all ADS-B related questions.  Together with Eric’s guidance and expertise we can find the right combination of equipment to match all of your avionics wants to fit your budgetary needs.


Sky Manor Air Repair and Avionics is a Certified Repair Station operating under FAA license #5S4R079C.

Avionics Services

2 Year Certifications – Providing Altimeter and ATC Systems Inspections under FAR 91.411 and FAR 91.413

Installations – Clean and precise installations for seamless integration into your existing panel.  While we will install ANY product no matter where it comes from, remember to keep us in mind for competitive pricing and professional advice on the brands we do carry.

Authorized Dealer – It’s all about choices!  Our expanding line of avionics products offer you the best options on the latest equipment.  This gives us flexibility to provide real solutions based on sourcing the right product that best fits your avionics needs.

  • GPS/Navigation Systems
  • ADS-B Components
  • Autopilot Systems
  • Audio Control Panels

Consultation Services

Scheduling a private consultation with our avionics expert, Eric Lacko, is the best way to learn about all the options available to meet your specific needs in a relaxed and uninterrupted setting.  

Avidyne GNS Slide In (2a)
Garmin GTX335 (2a)
Stratus 3i Solution by Appareo (2a)
ASPEN Evolution 1000 (2a)
ForeFlight-Lynx 9000NGT (2a)
PS Engineering PMA450B - logo (2a)
FreeFlight Systems
Sky Manor Avionics Garmin Bronze Award

2018 Garmin Bronze Award for Achievement

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