Benefits of the Winter Annual Inspection

Benefits of the Winter Annual Inspection

Annual Inspection; Defined as the once a year visit to your respected maintenance facility to ensure your plane is safe and legal to fly.

Many view this pilgrimage as a ‘why do today what can be put off until later’ – and later almost always means spring.

When spring arrives – early perhaps as is always hoped – pilots zealously flock to their aircraft to get them ready to fly. However, it is soon discovered that everyone else has the same idea. The maintenance facility quickly backs up each spring with aircraft in need of annual inspections.

Conversely, fall and winter months are historically slower for annual inspections so scheduling them during this time could pay back nicely come springtime next year. Benefits might include:

  • Peace-of-Mind. Should something unforeseen turn up during the inspection which requires the ordering of parts that traditionally have long lead times, there is no rush and nothing to worry about. Just sit back, relax, and let us do all the work. After all, it’s the off season, right?
  • Showing Off. If the weather breaks early next spring, you’ll be flying high and looking down on all your friends waiting in line for their inspections.
  • Time for Upgrades. Take advantage of the extra time your plane can stay laid up in the shop. Avionics upgrades or simple 2-year certifications done in the off-season too and will only make the showing off benefit a little sweeter.

While it is true that moving from a spring annual to a winter annual could mean the added expense of two inspections in one calendar year, it will also put you in a better position for the future.

We can work with you and your schedule to make the move to a winter annual a little easier by adjusting it over a couple of years. For instance, a plane with a September inspection can be brought to us on September 30th. The IA will effectively be signing it off in the first week of October. Next year bring it in around October 31st. Again the IA will sign it off in the first week of the following month – November. In this manner we have effectively moved your annual inspection to the winter months without effort, added expense, or worry.

So next spring when everyone else is waiting to get their plane through annual inspection, you’ll have the skies to yourself to enjoy spring flying on your schedule and not that of everyone else.

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