The ADS-B Mandate Deadline is looming. Will your aircraft be a statistic or a success story?

(Originally published on 11/23/2018)

A recent article in Aviation International News points to a staggering statistic, less than half of all aircraft will meet the FAA’s ADS-B mandate by the January 1st, 2020 deadline.

But here’s the real news.

What’s more telling is that with only 13 months to go, a meager 22% of GA aircraft are currently compliant.

We encourage you to read this article, then reflect on the following questions:

  • Based on these statistics, will the FAA be forced to extend the ADS-B mandate beyond 01/01/2020?
  • If they do, will the same situation of less than full compliance exist at the next prescribed date?

The FAA has maintained from the start that 01/01/2020 is a hard and fast date.

  • Is hoping that they extend it even an option?
  • If they don’t, will you be grounded or ready to fly come New Year’s Day 2020?

Interesting questions with less than clear answers, but as we pick up speed towards the deadline, we certainly need to keep our eyes on the ball to avoid joining the statistics and instead become part of the successes.

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