Signs that an engine overhaul is needed

Signs that an engine overhaul is needed

We spend a lot of time highlighting our avionics hangar, and for good reason. With the pending ADS-B mandate rapidly approaching, many people have questions related to this.
Yet there’s another side of SMARA right next door in our maintenance hangar. It’s where the dirty work takes place and is equally as important in keeping your aircraft mechanically ready to fly. Here’s one such example.

Engine Overhauls. Yes, we do that too.

Our team has the equipment and expertise to successfully manage the repowering of your aircraft.

Why go through SMARA over managing the process yourself?

Our team will work directly with the factory to handle all aspects of the process to ensure fast response and minimal aircraft downtime, such as:

  • Communicating with the vendor
  • Tracking outbound and inbound freight shipments
  • Handling of warranty related issues
  • Managing any discrepancies

We do all of this seamlessly behind the scenes while you work on the other things that matter in your life.

Engine Overhaul at Sky Manor Air Repair

Replacing or having your engine overhauled can be one of the most costly and time consuming projects that you may go through as an aircraft owner.

But what are the signs that indicate it’s time for such a big engine job to be done?

  • Metal in the filter – Cutting open an oil filter during routine oil changes can be revealing. While it’s very much within spec to find some metal lingering about within the filter, too much may be a sign that there are serious internal engine problems ahead. A certified A&P can help determine how much is acceptable based on your engine.
  • TBO, or Time Between Overhaul is a recommendation that each engine manufacturer provides as a baseline for overhauls based on hours, generally between 1800-2000 hours. However, inspections that fall under Part 91 requirements state that if everything looks good after inspection there is no mandatory engine overhaul required. We have some customers with Hobbs Meter readings over 3,000. The rule of thumb here from most technicians is that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Unless your plane is ‘For Hire’, then the manufacturer’s TBO time must be followed.
  • Low cylinder compression PLUS high time on engine – Replacing just the cylinder or cylinders that have low compression is a common practice. Although if your engine is already well beyond it’s TBO time AND compression is low, the cost of replacing just the cylinders may not be justified against a complete engine overhaul. In this case an A&P that you trust can give you the honest assessment that you deserve.

If your engine shows signs that an overhaul or replacement is needed, our team at Sky Manor Air Repair can help walk you through the process of understanding all your options and related costs.

Contact our maintenance team to learn more.

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